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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

What are you drinking now? What the heck is that green sludge? A friend of mine told me it would rust my gut. You should see what he drinks! Laugh it up all you want because these green sludge drinks do the body good.

This is real food. You won’t get this advice from your doctor. I don’t dislike doctors but I despise the corrupt system that they are a part of. You cannot patent mother nature so there is little to no incentive to push the natural stuff that really works. Big Pharma doesn’t like this very much unless they can get there hands on it and manipulate a strain or so.

So now I’m drinking clay. Yes clay? Clay with a freshwater green algae called Chlorella. Zeolite is the result of volcanic ash interacting with seawater. The smoke from the eruption would settle into the saltwater while the lava also ran through the river bed. This chemical reaction formed the clay known as Zeolite. It was discovered a very long time ago and it works.


What goes in must come out. Never before in our history have we been bombarded with environmental toxins of this magnitude. Unless you live in some remote countryside, you are taking in numerous different types of toxins. The human body is a perfect computer designed to function at a high level but when that computer gets a virus like the toxins for example thats where Zeolite comes in to play.  It is able to absorb and hold the toxins in our body and excrete them in our urine and feces. It binds to mold and other biotoxins.

My wife and I were first introduced to zeolite and chlorella by Dr. Amanda Wilms of the Sophia Health Institute just outside of Seattle, WA. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is the founder and medical director of the institute. Dissatisfied with our son’s treatment of his lyme disease we made our way out west. Klinghardt is not a fan of antibiotics but instead eliminating the toxic substances in our bodies that are preventing us from thriving. He attributes this to autism, parkinson’s, lyme, add, adhd, brain tumors, etc.

Liposomal Melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the brain at nighttime. Sleep is critical to our healing and recovery from our day because this is how our brain detoxifies itself and regenerates. While this is happening at night, toxins are released into our bloodstream. Liposomal Melatonin differs from other melatonins by going deeper into the brain and therefore inducing a higher quality of sleep.


Its a green algae found in fresh water that also acts as a binder of heavy metals including VOCs. pesticides, herbicides and mycotoxins. The beauty of this living organism is that it will bind to the toxins but not essential vitamins and minerals.

So the combination of Zeolite and Chlorella will give you the best ability to remove toxins from the body and allow you to function at a high level

I personally use Biopure for my liposomal melatonin, zeolite and chlorella. I have no affiliation with them at all. I have studied Dr. Klinghardts work and have been to his institute as well. These are the products he recommends and after using them for years, I can tell you they are very effective.

In summary, these three super powers work together as a team to enhance sleep while removing the toxins from you body in a safe way!


Educate, Empower, Entertain

Jon Levine

Certified Holistic Health Coach THE HOL-TRUTH Podcast with Jon Levine

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