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What's Included:


  • Two Health Coaching Sessions
  • Personalized Exercise Plan
  • Custom Individual Nutrition Plan
  • Unlimited Text Support (During Business Hours)


​​​​​​30 Weight Loss Challenege Goals


  • Looking and feeling sexier
  • Curbing cravings
  • Flattening your stomach and boosting your metabolism
  • Healing you relationship with food
  • Lowering Stress
  • Building Overall Confidence


How It Works:


After Purchase, you will rcieve some documentation to review and fill out to start your journey!  Jon wil contact you (or you can reach our to him) to scheudle your first sessiona and go over your health history. A weight loss goal will be set and after 30 days if you hit it... pay no more then your initial $49 payment, but if you miss your goal then you pay the additional cost of $50. This is a motivating tool because if your follow Jon's guidence then weight loss is nearly a guarentee.




There is a laundry list of problems with the standard american diet that is making us fat and sick. It's actually not your fault because of all the misinformation and food marketing tricks that are designed to get you addicted to the the sugary sweets in packaged foods. We simply eat far too many processed carbohydrates. We are taught to finish our massive plate of food when we really need much less. We do not include enough protein in our meals and eat very little fiber as well. 


Eliminating all processed foods and restoring our bodies back to the way nature intended will allow for the healing process to take place. Eating real foods and moving our bodies will in turn help us sleep better. Once the building blocks of health (Real Food, Exercise and Sleep) are implemented, weight loss and stress will disappear from the picture completely. There is no need for pills or fad diets when lifestyle medicine will do the trick just fine!


The results of changing your diet and adopting fitness along with healthy sleep practices can quickly help that stubborn fat melt away. This new way of healthy living has shown to dramatically reduce the risk of most if not all chronic health conditions. This 30 day weight loss challenge is designed to motivate you to live the healthy life you deserve and feel sexy again!

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

$99.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
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